Let's connect for a better Planet!

Welcome to the Eco Savvy Academy!

This a collaborative learning space where we will up-level our eco-savvy by trekking with heart, strategizing with clarity, learning with finesse, and connecting with purpose.

This personal & professional empowerment space will equip you to create eco-savvy solutions, no matter the environment.

Connect With Bek

When we connect I bring light-hearted humor & effective strategies gained from my professional moves of safeguarding public health from water and food contamination and protecting the environment from pollution.

 Valuable content is created from my experiences as a trained environmental scientist, certified environmental health professional & eco consultant.

Nowadays traveling, volunteering my eco skills & various cultural treks creates worldwide smiles.

Clients & Testimonials


Alpha Gold Africa, a  business service company is serious about understanding the inner workings of different industries. It is important that our services are effectively integrated to consider industry trends and standards.
Based on recommendations, Bekkah was invited to virtually present / speak on the water sector. She managed to balance technical & scientific information with relatability.
The presentation was informative, well received and her water expertise will be sought after in the 
near future. Her expertise is highly recommended.
Caroline Okello, Managing Director, Alpha Gold Africa, South Africa

The Trek With Bek Project, a for profit project of  BMPowered Consulting & Services is extraordinary. The Project is helping real people in real time right here on the Continent. Bekkah's visit to Senegal with us was greatly impactful as she worked to find solutions for water source, quality and treatment challenges in the region. We support the effort of BMPowered Consulting & Services fully and proudly! 
RJ Mahdi, CEO, Made in Africa Project, Senegal

Bekkah is a committed water professional. She was eager to assist Global Empowers in helping us get our water purification tablet product in production. She used her expertise as a water quality specialist to provide strategic ideas to address waterborne diseases issues. I look forward to collaborating with her in the future. Her work is top-notch. 
Musando Joseph Mwansa, Founder, Global Empowers, Zambia, Australia

I have known Bekkah for over 20 years. I recognized her gift for leadership, commitment to community empowerment & scholarly efforts when she was just a teen. As a driven teen, she was a dedicated member of the Plant City NAACP Chapter's NAACP Youth Council in which I was the Chapter Advisor.  She kept up the momentum by becoming a Policy Intern in college then later pursuing training in Government Management, as a government regulatory official.

Currently, she heads her own company as Lead Global Environmental & Water Consultant. Along side this global reach, she takes an active role in equipping local communities with tools and training for effective advocacy.

I continuously request her services to address community issues. Therefore, I wholeheartedly recommend her expertise to assist with consensus building and facilitating community engagement to solve water issues.

Patricia McDonald, Hillsborough County NAACP Chapter Advisor, Polk County Teacher, Florida, USA